What We Do


Family Friends outreach workers are present daily on the high school and middle school campuses to listen to and mentor students. These mentoring relationships often extend beyond the confines of school and carry over into the local coffee shops, pizza parlors and gymnasiums after school hours.

Parent Support:

Family Friends maintains regular contact with parents in need of support and guidance. These relationships are ongoing throughout the school year and summer often enduring throughout the years.

Direct Financial Assistance:

Family Friends provides immediate financial assistance to families in need of basic necessities such as food, clothing and rent. All assistance is referral based through school or community professionals.

Dental/Medical Care:

Family Friends sponsors a dental van that provides critical dental services to those students who have barriers to accessing dental care. In addition, Family Friends assist families in accessing health care including partnering with the One Sight vision initiative through Lens Crafters.

Good Samaritan Awards:

Family Friends partners with Minnetonka Police to provide rewards to students who go out of their way to help others.

Summer Programming:

Family Friends partners closely with other youth programs such as Timber Bay and Tree House throughout the summer. These partnerships are designed to ensure that more youth in need of additional support have weekly safe and supervised programming.


Partnerships with Community Organizations:

Family Friends maintains strong relations with a network of community agencies. Collaborative in nature, these relations often help puzzle together solutions for families in need.